1 October, 2004
Avtal24 (Lexly) is Founded

The Start of an Era

Anders Perméus, Magnus Stein and Johan Wiberg found Avtal24 (today Lexly) which 13 years later provides the conditions...

1 April, 2015
A Study of Companies' Contract Management

A Study of Contract Management

Anders Perméus conducts a study of Swedish and German companies' contract management, with the aim of exami...

1 December, 2015
Axel Springer Enters into a Pilot

Pilot with Agreement24 GmbH

The German company Axel Springer enters into a pilot with Agreement24 GmbH.

1 June, 2017

The Birth of Pactumize

Pactumize is founded through a spin-off from Avtal24 (Lexly) and new investors.

1 October, 2017
New Saas Platform

New Saas platform

A new SaaS platform is launched.

1 November, 2017
Agreement with Axel Springer

A 3 Years Agreement

Pactumize enters into a 3 years license agreement with the German company, Axel Springer, Europe’s leading media and t...

18 April, 2018
Conference at Örebro University

Legal Tech Conference with PwC

Pactumize participates in a Legal Tech Conference with PwC at Örebro University. Anders Perméus is one of t...

2 May, 2018
Conference for German Speaking Lawyers

Anders Perméus among the Speakers

Wistrand and DACH Europäische Anwaltsvereinigung invites Anders Perméus, CEO, to speak about Legal Tech ...

3 May, 2018
Breakfast Seminar

"Digital Transformation of Business Law and Contract Management"

Pactumize invites to a breakfast seminar on the theme "Dig...

1 September, 2018
Anders Perméus Receives Award

Anders Perméus Receives Award

The Legal Tech Entrepreneurs, Anders Perméus & Magnus Stein, receives award. The motivation (in Swedish)...

1 September, 2018
Breakfast Seminar

"Digital Transformation of Business Law and Contract Management"

Pactumize invites to a breakfast seminar on the theme "Dig...

1 September, 2018
Demosession at Legalworks

Fullhouse at the Demo!

Pactumize participates in demo session at Legalworks. We are thankful to Legalworks for a very good event – and for...

1 October, 2018
Future of Contracting 2018

Future of Contracting

Pactumize participates at Future of Contracting.

17 October, 2018
VQ Forum 2018

VQ Forum

Pactumize participates at VQ Forum.

1 November, 2018
Future of Contracting

Future of Contracting

Pactumize participates at Future of Contracting.

1 November, 2018
Legal Tech Copenhagen

Legal Tech Copenhagen

Pactumize participates at Legal Tech Copenhagen.

1 November, 2018
Vinnova Supports the Project Pactumize Negotiation Room

Vinnova Grants and Supports the Project

Vinnova decides to grant and support the project Pactumize Negotiation Room.

1 December, 2018
Legal ®evolution in Frankfurt

A Clear Message

Pactumize exhibits and do demos at Legal ®evolution in Frankfurt. The message is clear; AI solutions in maybe 3-5 years, b...

1 April, 2019
Hannover Messe 2019

One of 30 Chosen Swedish Startups

Pactumize is, among 30 of the most innovative Swedish startups within the smart industry, IoT, energy, r...

14 May, 2019
Dragons Den Pitch in Madrid

Dragons Den Pitch

Pactumize participates at IACCM Dragons Den pitch in Madrid.

19 September, 2019
Nordic Legal Tech Day

Nordic Legal Tech Day

Pactumize participates at Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm

1 October, 2019
Business Matchmaking with Japan

Business Matchmaking

Pactumize participates in business matchmaking with a large Japanese corporation.

17 October, 2019
VQ Forum

Participation in VQ Forum

Pactumize participates in the last (?) VQ Forum with the fantastic founders of the event; Helena Hallgarn and An...

30 October, 2019
Contract Management in Copenhagen

Contract Management

Pactumize participates at Contract Management in Copenhagen, 30–31 October. Pactumize exhibits and does case demos. Fe...

1 November, 2019
IBM Summit

Business Matchmaking

Pactumize participates in business matchmaking at IBM Summit.

29 November, 2019
3 years Agreement with If Insurance

The Agreement with If Insurance

Pactumize enters into a 3 years license agreement with If Insurance, the largest property insurance compan...

1 December, 2019
Legal Revolution in Frankfurt

Back in Frankfurt!

Pactumize is back in Frankfurt for speech and demo at Legal Revolution.

1 December, 2019
Negotiation at Linköpings University

Negotiations in Negotiation Room

Pactumize conducts a negotiation in Pactumize Negotiation Room together with students and teachers at Lin...

1 December, 2019
Partnership with Deloitte

Strategic Partnership Agreement

Deloitte and Pactumize have entered into a strategic partnership agreement, which means that Deloitte can ...

1 February, 2020
Legal Tech Conference at Örebro University

Legal Tech Conference

Pactumize participates at a Legal Tech conference at Örebro University. Our CEO, Anders Perméus, was one of the spea...

10 February, 2020
Sthlm Fintech

Sthlm Fintech

Pactumize participates at Sthlm Fintech. Our CEO, Anders Perméus, is one of the speakers.

31 March, 2020


Pactumize participates in the appeal #vitecherupp. Anders Perméus, CEO and founder of Pactumize, is interviewed and expands t...

18 May, 2020
Film about the Collaboration with Axel Springer

Launch of the Film

Launch of a film that describes how Europe's leading media and technology company, Axel Springer, implemented the Pactu...

24 June, 2020
The Ramboll Report

New Report Presents Customer Case

Ramboll Contract Management Report is out – which presents the Customer Case; Pactumize – If Insurance. ...

1 September, 2020
New Agreement with Axel Springer

The New Agreement

Axel Springer and Pactumize have after four (4) fantastically successful years and a very good collaboration decided to ...

8 September, 2020
Interview in DI Affärsjuridik

DI Affärsjuridik Interviews Anders Perméus

Pactumize' CEO Anders Perméus participates in an interview about legal tech, Pactumize and our ...

8 September, 2020
Launch of Negotiation Room

A Digital Room for Negotiation

We launch Pactumize Negotiation Room! Negotiation Room provides the opportunity to negotiate at a distance....

8 September, 2020
Launch of the New Website

Transparent Subscription Model

Launch of our new web site with a transparent subscription model.

5 October, 2020
Contract Management Conference

Contract Management Conference 2020

Pactumize participates at the Contract Management Conference 2020 in Copenhagen. Anders Perméus, CEO o...

6 November, 2020
Deloitte – Pactumize webinar

Deloitte – Pactumize webinar

The webinar took place in 6th November 2020. Among the speakers was Anders Perméus, CEO Pactumize. Anders pre...

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