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If Insurance is the largest property insurance company in the Nordic region. They have about 3.7 million customers and almost 7 000 employees in the region. If Insurance uses Pactumize’ platform for a completely digital management of the supplier contracts in all Nordic countries.

Check out Maria Nøhr-Larsens presentation of If Insurance's implementation of Pactumize Contract Builder from the Contract Management Conference in Copenhagen, October 2020.

The expected benefits and the selection process

In 2018, If Insurance decided to start searching for a contract management software system. The goals were to improve the contract authoring, to better the compliance through higher control of contract data, to reduce the manual work and that the chosen software should be user-friendly.

After an initial selection process, If Insurance found the vendor most suitable for their needs – Pactumize. A pilot-implementation of Pactumize Contract Builder was carried out on a certain division on If Insurance (the Swedish motor division). Thereafter, the remaining divisions in the Nordic region implemented the Contract Builder. If Insurance prepared the implementation carefully by talking to the users about their needs and testing the Contract Builder, to make sure that it was relevant, user-friendly, used efficiently etc. Today, Pactumize Contract Builder is implemented in all the Nordic countries.

The implementation and the results

Pactumize helped If Insurance create a user manual and helped set up the processes in the system. If Insurance educated about 10 super users, who are able to make bigger changes in the system. Thereafter, some of the super users managed to implement the Contract Builder in their respective divisions all by themselves, others got the implementation done by Pactumize. 

– We see the investment in a modern digital contract management system as a natural step in If’s ambition to be simple, both for us and for our customers. With the Pactumize solution, we can review and sign agreements faster, while at the same time increasing the quality as all information is available digitally. This without compromising safety, says Jonas Fagerström, Purchasing Aftermarket Motor at If.

– The acquisition is well-invested money already now and I experience great support from the management team during the process, Fagerström continues.

– The agreement with If is our first implementation in the insurance industry and a fantastic confirmation that our SaaS-platform is well suited for larger companies with operations in several countries, says Anders Perméus, CEO and co-founder of Pactumize. The collaboration with If under the pilot has worked perfectly thanks to a very well organized and driven project management.

According to If Insurance, some users have asked: “why didn’t we do this 10 years ago?”.

The press release in English.

The press release in Swedish.

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