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Pactumize helps you to improve your methods for contract authoring and negotiation.

The Contract Builder

Pactumize Contract Builder enables non-lawyers and lawyers to easily and safely create contracts and other important documents as well as to save, manage and track the documents. Since the internal legal team has configured the legal documents, the business users can create contracts specially adapted for the situation, without having to wait for the legal team to review everything. This is possible since the flow is very user-friendly.

By using Pactumize Contract Builder you will achieve lower costs, higher control, better compliance and lower barriers to business.

The Negotiation Room

Pactumize Negotiation Room provides the opportunity to negotiate at a distance. In the Negotiation Room, you can manage all parts of the process. You can either configure your legal documents in the Contract Builder, in order to let the non-lawyers create tailor-made contracts, or upload your own or the counterpart's external documents. Thereafter, you can negotiate both internal and external documents in a secure collaborative environment. The comment system allows you to propose adjustments, both to your own team and to the counterpart. It’s also possible to make changes (for example to adjust wordings or add new clauses) directly in the draft. Contract versions, adjustments etc. are stored on the platform in order to have the best possible transparency.

Furthermore, the Negotiation Room is integrated with the larger platforms for online meetings, which enables you to quickly arrange an online meeting directly on the platform. Moreover, contracts can be signed with the use of digital-ID’s, which makes it possible for you to close deals from anywhere.

By using Pactumize Negotiation Room you will manage your negotiations in an environmentally-friendly and virus-securely way. At the same time, you will save hours and money, get rid of unnecessary meetings and travels, shorten your transaction times and reduce the risk of losing the deal.

The M&A Room

Shortly, Pactumize will launch a negotiation room specially adapted for M&A transactions – M&A Room. Keep your eyes open!

Golden circle

Lower the costs

Use Pactumize – save legal hours.

Golden circle


Use Pactumize – reduce your carbon footprint.

Golden circle

Health-smart negotiation

Use Pactumize – lower your virus exposure.

Golden circle

Higher control & better compliance

Use Pactumize – get overall control of local agreements and risk assessment regarding e.g. IPR, intellectual property infringement and limitation of liability.

Golden circle

Reduce the risk

Use Pactumize – shorten the transaction times and reduce the risk of losing the deal.

Golden circle

Avoid disputes

Use Pactumize – make it right from the beginning and avoid future disputes.

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