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Automatize your contract drafting. Negotiate at a distance. Keep all relevant documents safe – and together.

Improve and center the contract process

Pactumize provides the opportunity for non-lawyers and lawyers to easily and safely create contracts and other important documents, as well as to save, manage and track the documents. Since the internal legal team has configured the legal documents, the business users (non-lawyers) can create contracts especially adapted for the situation, without having to wait for the legal team to review everything.

Furthermore, Pactumize offers a service for negotiation. In the Negotiation Room, the parties can negotiate at a distance; digitally, efficiently, environmentally-friendly and virus-securely. Shortly, Pactumize will also provide a certain negotiation service tailor-made for M&A transactions.

Golden circle

Lower costs & higher productivity

Pactumize, with a user-friendly flow created for non-lawyers, saves a lot of costs for legal hours – and makes the barriers to business lower.

Golden circle

Higher control & better compliance

Pactumize gives you the opportunity to overall control of local agreements and risk assessment regarding e.g. IPR, intellectual property infringement and limitation of liability.

Golden circle

Deal-closing at a distance

Negotiate and close deals at Pactumize’ platform – save your hours, reduce your virus exposure and lower your carbon footprint.

Used by professionals

"With Pactumize we have been able to achieve several improvements for our Nordic Purchasing contract handling: Gather all our Nordic agreement templates into one system where we can continue developing them in a controlled way. Another big advantage is of course to be able to have electronic signatures. One storage and transparent overview."

Gunnar Ingelsrud
Head of Nordic Purchasing, If Insurance

"The contract tool helps us to move the building of contracts into the businesses themselves, so that the process is more automated than before. You don't always need a lawyer for a simple NDA. We're now happy to just have it [Pactumize Contract Builder] improve our lives."

Dr. Susanne Stollhoff
Head of Digital & Data Law, Axel Springer

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The story of Pactumize

Pactumize is a Swedish legal tech company. Founder and CEO is the Swedish lawyer Anders Perméus, who has more than 20 years of experience from IT and contract law as well as from litigation and arbitration. Anders Perméus has also founded Avtal24/Agreement24.


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