About Pactumize

Pactumize is a Swedish Legal Tech Company that digitizes business contracts and with a unique method allows non-lawyers to take care of both the creation and the negotiation of contracts, without the involvement of the legal department in large and mid-sized companies.
Our Story

Our Story

In 2004 Anders Perméus, a Swedish lawyer with more than 20 years of experience from IT and contract law as well as litigation & arbitration, founded the Swedish Legal Tech Company; Avtal24/Agreement24 together with a banker.

Anders’ father, who was an engineer, wrote an article in the 1970’s with the title “Don’t fear automation”. The article was promoting automation in the industry in order to develop the manufacturing, save money and improve the working conditions. This topic was a central subject in discussion between Anders and his father when Anders described his working methods in the law firm. Anders’s father was not impressed by the low degree of automation within the legal industry and surprised that clients would still pay a fortune to reinvent the wheel time after time.

Avtal24/Agreement24 developed a platform where anyone could create a tailor-made contract for personal matters; e.g. prenup, will, loan agreement, rental agreement etc. A distribution network with banks, insurance companies, and trade unions was built up and lawyers were employed to create the modern law firm Avtal24/Agreement24 is today. For Anders, the next step was to challenge the business law and through the German subsidiary, where Anders was the CEO, a pilot agreement was made with the largest German media group, in order to digitize the company’s agreements.

The new contract automation platform for large and medium-sized companies demanded top class cloud computing competence and Tobias Andersson, with experience from Projectplace, SAP, Adobe and Apple joined as co-founder of Pactumize.

The uniqueness of the Pactumize platform is the simplicity and user interface that allows non-lawyers to handle complex agreements that previously demanded expensive lawyers. In order to guarantee the quality of the continued development towards large- and midsized companies, the former Lead Developer from Avtal24/Agreement24, Jakob Fireld, was recruited to Pactumize as Lead Developer.

In order to develop a user-friendly software, good collaboration between programmers and configurators is required. The person who has been most involved in the development of Pactumize Contract Builder, is our German colleague, B. Paul Kemmesieß. Paul is an experienced legal tech lawyer. Between 2013 and 2017 he was responsible for the configuration of all different contracts provided by the German site agreement24.de. Nobody has more experience with Pactumize Contract Builder than Paul.

These are the four persons who started Pactumize!

What we do

What we do

Pactumize enables you to digitalize your business law!

Law is difficult. Globalization requires new legislation and many new regulations, which increase complexity. Thus, many skilled lawyers in the community are needed. Lawyers should be trained to be responsible for ordering and enforcing rules, as well as applying these rules, not to deal with contracts that can be digitized with a built-in legal know-how and then better managed by non-lawyers and employees inside the business, such as buyers or sellers – i.e. those who better than lawyers know what the deal is about. Despite the use of written agreements, many disputes arise between companies. Business disputes seem to increase constantly, as are the legal costs.

The reasons can be partly explained by increased competition, increased economic risk takings, but also due to negligible contract management. Too many agreements are written or handled, allowing for interpretation or dispute. A comprehensive contractual platform that includes contractual design, contract negotiation, analysis, and storage, creates better conditions for avoiding disputes. This is Pactumize.

Who we are

Staffan Lindstrand

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Anders Perméus

Founder and CEO

Jakob Fireld

Founder and Lead Developer

B. Paul Kemmesieß

Customer Success Representative

Luka Rosko

Customer Success Representative

Linnéa Simon

Customer Success Representative

Advisory Board

Daniel Westman

Legal and Policy Advisor, Researcher and Teacher in ICT and Media Law

Fredrik Svärd

Secretary General/Forum for Data Protection, Founder of Legaltech.se

Magnus Toll

Legal Consultant/CEO at InHouse Legal Services AB

Nina Macpherson

Member of the Supervisory Board of TRATON SE, Member of the Board of Scania AB, previously Chief Legal Officer of Ericsson

Petra Hedengran

Managing Director at Investor

Security, Trust and GDPR

We protect every bit of your data.
The network containing the Pactumize production servers (the service) is protected by redundant firewalls, intrusion detection systems and load balancers.

Your trusted service for cloud-based contract automation
A significant competitive differentiator for Pactumize is its focus on the privacy and integrity of its client data, including protection from potential access by overseas legislation, such as the United States Patriot Act. All systems are hosted in Stockholm, Sweden, and client data never leaves the Pactumize servers.