We protect every bit of your data.


Locked-up network perimeter
The network containing the Pactumize production servers (the service) is protected by redundant firewalls, intrusion detection systems and load balancers.

Role-based Access Control
Access control can be implemented in Pactumize to prevent or enable user groups to access, read and modify contracts.

Military-grade encryption
We use known most secure Internet protocol, TLS 1.2 to encrypt data in transit. All files uploaded to Pactumize are also automatically encrypted when stored in our servers. We generate a unique key, using the AES-256 encryption algorithm and save files anonymously so that they cannot be identified.

Strong passwords and unique user names
Each user in Pactumize is identified with a unique user name and authenticated in the system with a personal password.


Physical and environmental measures
The Pactumize server environment is hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. Pactumize uses facilities, which provide around-the-clock physical security and top-notch environmental protection. It includes comprehensive identification systems, automatic fire protection, redundant climate control and fail-over power supply.

Protection against malware
Pactumize provides file integrity monitoring and anti-virus software for all our critical systems commonly affected by malware


Multi-layer redundancy
The network infrastructure of Pactumize is designed for complete redundancy and maximum availability. In the event of failure, all operation-critical equipment – including routers, firewalls, web, application and database servers, as well as storage and network arrays – is deployed and configured for seamless transition.

Disaster recovery and business contingency
The Pactumize production system is run on a multi-site cluster at two geographically dispersed locations. All critical servers and applications are installed at both locations, which, in the event of a major disruption or disaster, ensures business continuity. If one of the locations fails, the second site is configured to take over all production tasks with minimal service disruptions and capacity loss.

Backup and restoration
Pactumize has into effect multi-step mirroring and backup routines for the production databases and document storage systems. In the unlikely event of multiple server failure, the backups sole purpose is to restore the entire production system.