Legal costs

Legal costs for large corporations and the ROI of digitalizing your legal contracts.

Sometimes it can be hard to estimate the total cost for legal services in a large corporation. Expenditure of the companies’ purchase of external legal services vary greatly depending on size and industry, but averages 1% of annual sales.

  • All legal work represents 3,3% of annual sales
  • 30% is external legal services (1,0% of annual sales)
  • 70% is internal legal work (2,3% of annual sales) Transactions, disputes, complex commercial contracts/negotiations, annual meetings, labor law negotiations, complex legal research (competition law, environment law, tax law)

Standard documents (NDA, employment contracts, purchase and sales, corporate documents etc.) are estimated to approximately 25% of all legal work.

Example: a company with an annual turnover of € 1 billion thus has total legal costs amounting to 33 M € annually, of which 8,25 M € relates to the creation and negotiation of standard agreements – every year. That is € 68 750 per month! At an hourly rate of 350 Euro, this amount corresponds to 24 000 hours of legal work.

Thus, 25% (of all legal work) x 3,3% of annual sales could be automated! This should be compared to an investment in the Pactumize Contract Automation Platform that could digitalize your contracts and provide a Contract Automation solution for the non-lawyers in the organization. A basic deployment would include one platform license (to get you going), 10 super user licenses (for the in-house lawyers) and 100 business user licenses to be deployed to the non-lawyers across the organization.

The monthly cost of licenses for this investment amounts to € 6 400 resulting in a very good ROI for the legal team, faster contracts to the business and several other benefits as well!

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